Funder profiles

    Blue Sky member trustees and First Lady Michelle Obama meet at the White House, April 2016

    Each member of Blue Sky brings unique perspectives, experiences, and strategies to our network. In funder profiles, Blue Sky funders share their stories, inspirations, and reflections on grantmaking in their own words.

    "We focus on environmental literacy projects because it is so clear to us that without environmental know-how, the next generation won’t be able to address the challenges they are going to face."
    "We believe the economic and ecological health of communities depends to a large degree on the ability of its citizens to be better stewards of the natural world – of the land, air and water upon which all life depends."
    “We are living in an age where we are outside less, building less with our hands, and not learning to adapt to variable conditions. How can we provide opportunities for everyone to appreciate the land, water, and air that are essential to human survival?"
    "Our responsibility is to teach and inspire young people so that they will become champions and good stewards of the planet."
    "The existential threats we face - like climate change - require an environmentally literate citizenry that recognizes the importance of healthy ecosystems and is motivated to protect them."