Education Policy Webinar with Congressman John Sarbanes

    Motivated by a growing movement to provide equitable access to education in and about the natural world, many states are forming partnerships and adopting policies to ensure that every child has access to rich outdoor and classroom-based environmental learning experiences. Blue Sky, OAK, and NAAEE hosted a webinar on some of the federal drivers of this movement, the grassroots groundswell that has kept it going, and two inspiring examples of state policies that are transforming education and connecting kids to nature. Maryland and Oregon offer model legislation at the state level that seeks to continue and expand a legacy of environmental and outdoor education for future generations. Leaders from Blue Sky, NAAEE, and the Outdoors Alliance for Kids shared insights on opportunities to support state-level policy and advocacy.

    We were honored to be joined by the Honorable John Sarbanes, Representative of the 3rd District of Maryland.

    Additional Presenters:
    Nancy Bales, Executive Director, Gray Family Foundation
    Sarah Bodor, Director of Policy and Affiliate Relations, NAAEE
    Jackie Ostfeld, Founder and Chair, Outdoors Alliance for Kids; Outdoors Associate Director, Sierra Club

    September 12, 2017
    Blue Sky Funders Forum, NAAEE, OAK
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