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    eeWorks: From Anecdotes to Evidence

    Environmental education (EE) has made a remarkable and substantive impact throughout North America. However, to date, the field has relied more on engaging anecdotes to tell its story rather than demonstrating rigorous evidence of the impact that EE has on individuals, institutions, and the environment. Both anecdotes and evidence are critical to advance the field. Yet without the evidence that EE works to address environmental and social challenges, the field will not be able to realize its potential and attract the needed support to scale up efforts across the continent.

    Big Investments by a Small Foundation Take Outdoor School Statewide

    On Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, while voters across the country were taking part in an historic Presidential election, Oregon voters were making history of another kind: by a wide margin, they passed a citizen-initiated ballot measure that, for the first time in the United States, provides state-level funding for outdoor education.

    Healthy Kids, Healthy Planet: The Power of Food in Environmental Literacy

    October is National Farm to School Month, a six-year-old celebration of programs around the country working to connect kids to healthy food through cooking, gardening, and lunch trays filled with food from local farms.