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    Understanding the Nature of Nature Connections

    At the Harold M. and Adeline S. Morrison Family Foundation, we believe that connecting communities with nature is vital for community health and environmental stewardship. Unfortunately, Americans have grown disconnected from nature in many communities, restricting them from the myriad benefits of time spent outdoors. In order to better understand barriers to nature connections, the Morrison Family Foundation was proud to support The Nature of Americans study, co-led by the late Professor Stephen R.

    Sharing the Path

    When we moved from Colorado to Washington, D.C., four years ago, my daughter was eight years old. This is an age believed by many to be the sweet spot of the human devotion to the nature world. It’s a time when the world is benign, because it is still tightly managed by your parents, and when the urge for exploration and capacity for wonder are not yet constrained by social pressures or the ever-consuming allure of technology.

    REI: Why We Choose to OptOutside

    Last year, we put our people ahead of our profits and closed our doors on Black Friday. As a retailer, this was a big decision. We sold nothing on the biggest day in the global retail calendar. Millions of Americans joined us in choosing to #OptOutside. It was humbling seeing such an outpouring of support. If you took part and lent your voice, thank you.

    Healthy Kids, Healthy Planet: The Power of Food in Environmental Literacy

    October is National Farm to School Month, a six-year-old celebration of programs around the country working to connect kids to healthy food through cooking, gardening, and lunch trays filled with food from local farms.

    Centennial and Beyond

    The celebration of one hundred years of the National Park Service's (NPS) work to preserve and provide access to the beauty of the American landscape inspires reflection upon the true value of our parks and consideration of how we at the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) can support them going forward. As we celebrate the NPS Centennial, NEEF is looking to the future of our public lands and our role in sustaining them.

    In October 2015, we stopped to reflect on our public lands work in this historic Centennial year. We asked ourselves two questions: