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    Reimagining Conservation: The Next 100 Years

    In March 2016, 35 grassroots organizations came together in a first-of-its-kind discussion among civil rights, environmental justice, health equity, and grassroots conservation organizations pursuing a shared vision of a more diverse and inclusive culture in managing and preserving our nation’s public lands and waters. Two years later, the Next 100 Coalition continues to lead a movement bringing that vision to reality.

    Partnering for the Future

    We at National Park Trust (NPT) value the power of partnerships. It is through our partnerships that we extend our reach and achieve our mission: preserving parks today; creating park stewards for tomorrow. Together with our partners, we work with a single vision: that everyone, especially children from underserved communities, will have an American park experience.

    Join the Chorus: Uniting Voices for People and Nature

    If you’ve ever heard voices join in four-part harmony, you know that the beautiful, full sound produced is something special. A chorus of high and low voices joining together moves us to stop and listen, producing a sound more powerful than a solo voice, and richer than many voices singing in unison.

    This Holiday Season, Help get iGen Outside

    This holiday season, a family hike or quick trip to a local park could offer more than a chance to escape the hustle and bustle. A new survey conducted by the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) shows signs that these family outings may also be an important opportunity for parents to talk to their teens about the benefits to more outdoor time. The survey, which examines how teens across the country interact with the outdoors, finds parents, along with teachers, are their top sources for information about the environment.

    Understanding the Nature of Nature Connections

    At the Harold M. and Adeline S. Morrison Family Foundation, we believe that connecting communities with nature is vital for community health and environmental stewardship. Unfortunately, Americans have grown disconnected from nature in many communities, restricting them from the myriad benefits of time spent outdoors. In order to better understand barriers to nature connections, the Morrison Family Foundation was proud to support The Nature of Americans study, co-led by the late Professor Stephen R.

    Sharing the Path

    When we moved from Colorado to Washington, D.C., four years ago, my daughter was eight years old. This is an age believed by many to be the sweet spot of the human devotion to the nature world. It’s a time when the world is benign, because it is still tightly managed by your parents, and when the urge for exploration and capacity for wonder are not yet constrained by social pressures or the ever-consuming allure of technology.