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    All Kids Need Nature Play

    At Free Forest School, we believe all children need access to nature from an early age for healthy physical and emotional development. By making nature play a regular part of childhood, we nurture children’s love of nature and create the next generation of environmental stewards.

    Reimagining Conservation: The Next 100 Years

    In March 2016, 35 grassroots organizations came together in a first-of-its-kind discussion among civil rights, environmental justice, health equity, and grassroots conservation organizations pursuing a shared vision of a more diverse and inclusive culture in managing and preserving our nation’s public lands and waters. Two years later, the Next 100 Coalition continues to lead a movement bringing that vision to reality.

    Partnering for the Future

    We at National Park Trust (NPT) value the power of partnerships. It is through our partnerships that we extend our reach and achieve our mission: preserving parks today; creating park stewards for tomorrow. Together with our partners, we work with a single vision: that everyone, especially children from underserved communities, will have an American park experience.

    Join the Chorus: Uniting Voices for People and Nature

    If you’ve ever heard voices join in four-part harmony, you know that the beautiful, full sound produced is something special. A chorus of high and low voices joining together moves us to stop and listen, producing a sound more powerful than a solo voice, and richer than many voices singing in unison.

    Americans Agree: Our Parks Should Stay Open to All

    Americans oppose Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s plan to raise entrance fees in our most iconic and awe-inspiring national parks. According to a new bipartisan poll released by the Outdoors Alliance for Kids, an overwhelming majority of Americans believe our parks should remain open and available to those who want to visit them. Americans, across political parties, believe our parks should be funded federally and not through an entrance fee increase, which new evidence shows will likely have a dramatic impact on visitation.

    Deepening Commitments: Working Toward Equity and Inclusion When Connecting Youth To The Outdoors

    As a trainer, facilitator and program officer at Youth Outside, I have the honor of building relationships with countless nonprofit organizations working tirelessly to accomplish their missions. Regularly, these organizations identify their desire to be more culturally relevant and regularly, people feel at a loss for how to take actionable steps for making cultural relevancy a reality in their organization.

    11 Lessons We’ve Learned as Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Consultants in the Outdoor, Conservation, and Environmental Sector

    Diversity, equity, and inclusion (or DEI) work seems to be happening throughout the conservation space, but leaders are at times hard pressed to explain why this work is mission-critical beyond “it’s the right thing to do.” And though we agree DEI is the right thing to do, it behooves Blue Sky Funders Forum members to be more specific about why and how DEI work is imperative to the mission of making environmental learning opportunities accessible in all communities. Some reasons that may resonate include the following:

    Bringing America Together to Forge Fresh Tracks

    What could possibly connect a timid young woman from Compton, California and an Arctic Youth Ambassador from the disappearing village of Shishmaref, Alaska?