Reflections from My First Month with Blue Sky

    January 29, 2019
    by Anupama Joshi

    Anupama Joshi joined Blue Sky Funders Forum as executive director in December 2018. In our first blog post of 2019, Anupama shares her thoughts on the community from her first month as executive director.

    Happy New Year! 

    I am delighted to be part of the Blue Sky community, and I am grateful for the warm welcome extended to me. Since I joined Blue Sky as the new executive director a month back, I have filled my time with dozens of in-person meetings and phone calls with Blue Sky stakeholders. I have had the pleasure of speaking with many of you already and I am committed to finding ways to strengthen those relationships further, while expanding my circle and connecting with many more people in the coming months. 

    My conversations with Blue Sky members and partners have deepened my perspective and understanding of environmental literacy efforts across the country. I heard from members eager for more peer-to-peer interactions to learn from each other about strategies to advance equity within foundations and outline common outcomes for the field. I’ve gotten to know Blue Sky advisors who are implementing innovative models and keen to explore policy opportunities. I am excited to hear from Blue Sky board and leadership council members about their unwavering commitment for the work that lies ahead. These conversations have further reiterated for me Blue Sky’s potential to harness the collective wisdom and strength of philanthropy working in partnership with nonprofits and government. At the same time, they have illuminated the reality of facilitating a network representing such a wide variety of sectors, strategies, and viewpoints, and the urgency of bringing them together under one inclusive tent.

    Blue Sky will celebrate its five-year anniversary in September 2019! Blue Sky’s previous work to facilitate networking and relationship building provides a strong building block for the future. In its next phase, I envision Blue Sky deepening engagement with members, activating the network for collaborative projects and initiatives to expand opportunities for the field. With your continued commitment and engagement, I am confident that we can start exploring innovative approaches to bring more philanthropic resources to support and facilitate collaborative work towards shared outcomes and potential policy goals. Not new to Blue Sky, but in the future, we need to further prioritize conversations and actions to address equity and diversity in the field and internally within our organizations.

    I am grateful for your continued partnership with Blue Sky. With your support, we will continue to inspire, deepen, and expand philanthropy to advance opportunities that connect people and nature and promote environmental literacy. Please reach out to me with your thoughts and perspectives on the future of Blue Sky—I am eager to listen and learn from you.  

    Anupama Joshi is executive director of Blue Sky Funders Forum.


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