José González

    José González is the founder and executive director emeritus of Latino Outdoors, a growing community and volunteer-run organization that exists to “connect cultura with the outdoors”. He is an experienced educator as a K-12 public education teacher, environmental education advisor, outdoor education instructor and coordinator, and university adjunct faculty. His commentary on diversity and environmental outreach has been featured by High Country News, Outside, Earth Island Journal, and Latino USA, and he has been engaged in collaborations with the White House Council on Environmental Quality, U.S. Department of Interior, and the National Park Service. He also represents Latino Outdoors in several coalitions including the Latino Conservation Alliance and the Next 100 Coalition. He has been recognized with honors by the National Wildlife Federation, Grist Magazine, and The Murie Center. José received his bachelor's degree at the University of California, Davis, and his master's degree at the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment.