Big City Mountaineers

    The Blue Sky Funders Forum is a national hub that helps members learn, connect, and grow philanthropy that supports the many benefits of environmental literacy and a stronger connection to nature.

    Being prepared for the future requires all of us to understand the consequences of how we live on where we live – the connection between people and nature. Learning about the true meaning of that connection is a process that starts in early childhood and lasts a lifetime. Blue Sky brings supporters of this work together to learn from one another and to strategize how to scale up the impact of the effective programs that transform how people interact with their surroundings. By making these essential learning opportunities more accessible in all communities, we broaden and strengthen the constituency that makes well-informed choices, balancing the needs of today with the needs of future generations.

    Blue Sky is a working group of the Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA), established to promote connections between people and nature and facilitate collaboration among funders. This strategic partnership between EGA and Blue Sky provides more environmental literacy programming to the larger environmental grantmaking community. In addition, Blue Sky expands the conversation about connecting people to nature and advancing environmental literacy, reaching beyond environmental grantmakers to include education, health, and community funders.